Ebo Shakoor – lesen Sie, was Chubb Records über diesen Musik-Monolith in Heidelberg schreibt, der am 24.10.2014 mit arkestra convolt in der Evangelischen Bergkirche Schlierbach auftreten wird – im neuen “ Querklang am Berghang “ .

Ebo Shakoor, vocalist, flutist, and percussionist music has been his life for over 30 years. Ebo has been a musician, and sideman for some of the greats of the Jazz world, like Dizzy Gillespie, Max Roach, Don Cherry, and Gil Scott-Heron to name a few. He has evolved to the standard of a true improvationalist, and composer, Ebo earned recognition in the Best of the West Multi-Image festival in Los Angeles with gold award for the soundtrack “People of Peace”, the Hopi 1985, along with performance for the Premier of China the same year. Since that time Ebo had forgotten his love for art. As a child, in Washington D.C. Ebo display amazing ability to go from one form of art to the other. Living in the urban area of Washington D.C and Oakland CA. Ebo learned how to express his artistic abilities for numerous occasions from schools to marches. After realizing his passion of the arts Ebo was tested by the Pratt’s Institute of Art, and was accepted, which was denied by his mother, when she said, “Oh no baby, it’s in New York City, that too far away from Mama”, With his broken dream and lost aspiration, Shakoor continued on to establishing his foundation as a singer, musician, and percussionist. Studying with Billy Byers at University of Nevada in Las Vegas, Shakoor went on to be the artist he wanted to be without any pretentious notion.

After years of travelling and touring, Ebo settle in Germany, and performed with ideas of his own style and taste that ranges from Jazz to Flamenco, Drum and Bass, to House, and Gospel. Experiencing diversification gave Ebo the opportunity to expand his horizon, and cultivate. With periods of off season, Ebo began to feel the expression of music in colour not only in his C.D. “ Spirits of the Rainbow with classical composer and pianist Paul Amrod from New York, who felt, and appreciated Shakoor’s passion for colour in his talents as a singer and musician. From that moment on Ebo began to recapture that deep long urge for music on a canvas. Ebo mention that, “ sound and light are twins and they both have their own properties to heal, as well to entertain or collect” Ebo’s expressions on canvas are like his music, bold and colourful with bits and pieces of drama, and comedy combined. With the influence of the Masters of Jazz, Ebo paints as a passionate musician with colour; as his instrument that beats out rhythms and flows with melodies of his African and Native American roots. His life has been influenced by many different Themes. Ebo has been influenced by everything from the urban scene, to African musicians, and dancers. Ebo Shakoor shows expressions of colour, not academic as an artist who studied, but a passionate display of musical expressions on canvas.

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